Tuesday, September 20, 2011


One of my favorite films of all time is Metropolis by Fritz Lang. This T-shirt by Obey always reminds me of that movie. The beret is from northern Spain where my family is from. I've been told it's unusual and ugly. More the reason to wear it although I usually only wear it with a military style jacket. The pants are H&M slim leg jeans. I hate baggy, relaxed or anything like that. Glad the skinny jeans are in style now. I don't wear them because they are in style, I just like them and I'm stocking up just in case they stop making them. The boots are Steve Madden. I love Madden shoes and they always fit me which isn't easy. I'm 6'4" and wear size 13 shoes but I'm more like 13.25 some brands are tight on me. Fortunately Steve Madden have a line that I enjoy.  The watch is a Seiko with a different strap that I picked up on Ebay.

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