Monday, September 26, 2011

Mountain Biking

I know this look isn't really stylish but it's some of the stuff I wear, and I post it to make a point. If you think about it everything is art and style. Even shorts with white crew socks and a football shirt. I just wish they didn't allow that look in decent restaurants. It's the look too many guys my age seem to go for and several years ago I might have done the same. I posted this look because most guys are gear heads and I kind of think of clothing as gear for a specific purpose. It doesn't always need to be sports related. I think guys would dress better if they looked at style this way and weren't embarrassed to go shopping for things that were a little different from what they are used to.

I started riding without any special gear except for the helmet but realized it's more comfortable with the right clothes. The shorts I used before were uncomfortable to ride in. I didn't want to get spandex shorts so I found these cargo shorts made by Fox specifically for biking. They allow for all the movements you will make on the bike and they also have some cool features. They come with a padded inner short that is removable but comes in handy on longer rides.They also come with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth for your sunglasses that is stored in one of the small pockets. There is a nice compartment to store your phone or Ipod. The pocket closures are all magnetic which is great for quick access. Only bad thing about that is if you walk next to anything metallic you will feel a little tug on your shorts. The side pockets have zippers. When you are riding in the woods it's good to be able to zip the pockets so they don't catch on anything.

The Merrel sneakers are good for riding and hiking. They are light and have no laces to get caught in the chain. The shirt is also made by Fox. It has a generous front zipper to control cooling. The back has a zippered storage compartment that is large enough to hold a bottle of water.

The watch is a Casio Protrek. It has a temperature sensor, altimeter, and a barometer. The temp sensor is useless when you have it on since it captures the heat of your body but the other sensors work well. The gloves are made by Specialized and I never ride without them. They give you a lot of extra grip, comfort, and protection from scrapes. For anyone still reading you must really be into mountain biking so I'll just mention that the bike is a Specialized Rockhopper and the helmet is made by Giro.

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