Sunday, September 25, 2011

Suits me

Suits are very important for men. I don't wear them often but when I do I like to wear them the right way. I like how men wore suits in the 1960's and fortunately that style is coming back. I saw a picture of Marlon Brando in the 60's wearing a suit perfectly so that is my role model. Fit is everything in a suit. If it doesn't fit right it doesn't matter if you spent $1500 because it's not going to look good. It's better to buy a less expensive suit and have it tailored to fit your body perfectly. The pants should be slim and just barely touch the shoe. The jacket should not be too big and the sleeves not too long. A good tailor knows how a suit should look and it's well worth the investment. The grey suit is from H&M and I did not have it tailored. I'm just lucky that this brand usually fits me perfectly. I did not expect that would be the case with a suit but it was. It was a nice surprise. The pants were $30, the jacket was $50,  and the shirt was $15. I don't know where you can buy a better looking suit for that price. I do not wear a vest with a suit but like how it looks without the jacket. The vest was $30. The tie is from Calvin Klein. It's a slim tie that I prefer and was $20. The belt is from the gap $20, and the shoes are Florsheim Imperials $170. I like wingtips with suits. It's a classic look that always looks great. Brown shoes and belts go very well with grey or navy blue suits. I like combining grey, purple, brown and sky blue which I did with this look. The socks are purple. Black is just too boring.

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