Thursday, October 20, 2011

All Black

I found the wool vest at a thrift store called Buffalo exchange. They have several locations around the country. It's like going fishing I guess. You may not always catch something but it's fun to try. The t-shirt is from Gypsy-05. I liked the details of the elbow patches and front pocket. The jeans are Levi's 511 skinny zipper back. They call the color 3D-Jetty. It's an interesting black color that is not uniform throughout. The zippers in the back are a nice touch and useful. These have become one of my favorite pairs of jeans for fall and winter. I would like to have some new boots to wear with them but still searching. Instead I wore Kenneth Cole driving shoes in keeping with the all black look.


  1. i love the shoes let's follow each other if you like :D have a NICE DAY ! Ryan

  2. cool blog John, I love your style!

    Check out mine if you'd like!