Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chain Link

Combining neutral colors here. Only the socks have stronger colors but they are hidden unless I'm sitting. I like little details like that. The color code on these Levi's Jeans is 511-4160 which refers to the chain link color. Each color of 511's fit a little differently which is good because sooner or later you will find the ones that fit you best rather than not being able to find any. These are skinny jeans but just right. For guys my age the ones that stick to your legs just look silly. The shirt is by John Varvatos and the shoes are Bass. The watch is a Timex Expedition with a beige face which caught my attention. Timex makes some nice stylish watches that are very reasonably priced. Their J. Crew line is excellent. I obviously like watches but I prefer to own many inexpensive ones and switch them around a lot.

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