Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leather Jackets

The Diesel Lujon jacket pictured below was 20% off and the last one left so I decided to take it and think about it later.  A leather jacket is a long term investment so you need to take your time and give it some thought while you try it out at home. There is an excellent article on GQ on how to buy a leather jacket. I recommend you read it if you are looking for one. GQ, how to buy a leather jacket.

 It's not easy to photograph a black leather jacket. I tried my best below. The picture above is from the web and still doesn't show what a nice jacket this is. The leather quality is excellent and just feels good. It's a nice snug fit like a motorcycle style jacket should be. There is nothing worse than getting a jacket like this that is too big!

Update: I found a website with some nice jacket styles. The one pictured below is another cool looking motorcycle jacket. The all black look is nice. I think the different colored jackets with racing stripes are only good if you are a professional racer. As fashion they just look bad. The only negative about this jacket is that it's an Australian website. They offer free shipping but if you need to send it back it could be costly.

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