Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Blazer

Over the weekend I searched for a tweed blazer. I went to Topman and H&M in downtown Manhattan. Topman had a very nice dark brown one for $160 that I did not see on their website. Unfortunately the arm length was too short for me no matter which size I tried. The H&M blazer was like the one pictured in a previous post. It was 100% wool but I just liked the color of the Topman blazer better so I kept looking. I finally wound up finding 2 blazers. The brown one below at another H&M store and a grey one by Tommy Hilfiger that I will talk more about in a future post. The H&M blazer was only $69 and it's 20% wool. For the price the quality is good and it was the color I was looking for. It's lighter than others I tried and perfect for fall weather with a sweater underneath. Always lot of bang for the buck at H&M.

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