Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rainy day dream away

This is a Tommy Hilfiger tweed blazer that I found on sale for $135. It's a good quality 49% wool jacket with no arm patches. Not easy to find something this nice at a reasonable price so I'm glad I managed. The pants are H&M Drain jeans and the shirt is also from H&M. I usually wear these jeans with shoes but it was raining today so I wore boots. The drop on the jeans is nice with shoes on but I also like the way they crumple up with the boots. These jeans are very skinny so that will happen with boots unless you cuff the jeans at the bottom. I decided not to do that today. I like the combination of being neat with a shirt and blazer yet a little disheveled with the jeans. I have no idea if these are all fashion terms but I never claimed to know much about this. What I do know is that a nice pair of vintage or distressed wing tip boots would look great with these jeans and the blazer. Just have to find them, which won't be easy.

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