Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweater Weather

Another beautiful spring like autumn day. I got this sweater as a gift from my Mom. She finally knows better than to buy me cotton sweaters. They just don't last very long or feel nice. Not sure I love the color of this one but it's Merino wool and very soft. H&M makes great fitting pants. At least they fit me great. I feel like I have my own tailor there which is nice. It's a good incentive not to gain any weight. I'm never sure about combining grey with brown but these shades seem to look OK. The belt matches the shoes perfectly which I like.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Black & Grey

I like black and grey colors for fall. I also like combining different shades of grey. In this case the pants and the blazer. This is a tweed blazer from Tommy Hilfiger. I'm wearing it here with a hooded Henley shirt from Buffalo and Levi's 511 skinny jeans. I like wearing a blazer as part of a casual look. It dresses it up a little and makes it more interesting. When wearing jeans with any blazer I think close fitting jeans like these work best. I would usually prefer a dark wash jean with a blazer but I decided to experiment and liked the results.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Autumn feelings

For wearing clothes Autumn is probably the best season. On colder days I prefer staying warm with a few light layers instead of a heavy jacket. A hooded henley shirt is great for layering. The one in the picture is from Buffalo. I like the design and color. With sweaters I prefer either cashmere or merino wools. They are warm yet breathable. The vest in the pictures is 100% cashmere. I won't get into all the advantages of cashmere but I can guarantee it's well worth it. This one is made by Taso Elba which is a brand sold by Macy's. The idea behind the brand is to offer good quality materials at reasonable prices.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eyes wide shut

I haven't worn corduroy pants in years but when I saw these from H&M I decided to try them on. The fit was nice and they felt very comfortable. Maybe it's just psychological but they seem warmer than jeans. This is a nice color for fall and I think it goes well with other clothes that I have. The sweater from Banana Republic is 100% merino wool. It's very soft and breathable so it never feels hot when indoors. I just wear a short sleeve v-neck underneath. The scarf is also from BR. I like wearing scarves when it gets colder and in the fall you can often get by with just a sweater and scarf. I actually just learned how to tie some different knots a couple of years ago by watching You Tube videos. This is a simple slip knot which is my favorite. It's a nice idea to try to match your belt to your shoes. The watch doesn't matter but this one happens to match the sweater, belt, and shoes perfectly which I thought was cool :)

Friday, November 11, 2011


A lucky day for a wool sweater. It's been so warm that I haven't been able to wear it much. It should get it's fair share of use in the coming months.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Military Jacket

Military style jackets are being made by everyone now. This one from Zara is perfect for the unusually warm weather we are having this fall. I'm wearing it with a T-shirt here but I think it also looks good with a sweater if it gets a little colder. I like how it looks with black jeans as long as they are a different shade.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Black & Blue

This is just something comfortable to wear on another nice fall day.  I think black and blue go well together. The vest and plaid shirt are from H&M. It's becoming my favorite place to shop because they have clothes that actually fit me. I'm a big guy but often shocked by how huge the clothes are in this country. It's often difficult it is to find something that fits well no matter what size you choose. Fortunately there are now stores like H&M and Topman that offer European fit and styling. Levi's also started making new styles that fit better. These are 511 skinny jeans and the color code is 4406.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good times bad times

It's November but another beautiful day; only a hoodie needed to stay warm. The Michael Kors hoodie has a purple inner lining. Even when zipped the purple shows, which is nice since it's a color I love but don't often get to wear. I Mostly only wear it in socks and ties. The H&M jeans are the Sliq style which is a skinny fit. It's similar to the Drain style but not as skinny in the legs. They are as good as jeans costing 3 times as much. The striped v-neck is from Pac-Sun. I think stripped t-shirts are fun and work well with different outfits. I like when they can be obscured a little with a jacket or sweater.