Sunday, November 13, 2011

Eyes wide shut

I haven't worn corduroy pants in years but when I saw these from H&M I decided to try them on. The fit was nice and they felt very comfortable. Maybe it's just psychological but they seem warmer than jeans. This is a nice color for fall and I think it goes well with other clothes that I have. The sweater from Banana Republic is 100% merino wool. It's very soft and breathable so it never feels hot when indoors. I just wear a short sleeve v-neck underneath. The scarf is also from BR. I like wearing scarves when it gets colder and in the fall you can often get by with just a sweater and scarf. I actually just learned how to tie some different knots a couple of years ago by watching You Tube videos. This is a simple slip knot which is my favorite. It's a nice idea to try to match your belt to your shoes. The watch doesn't matter but this one happens to match the sweater, belt, and shoes perfectly which I thought was cool :)


  1. I just posted on Terhi's blog that I love merino wool. I cloth diaper my son and we use wool over his diapers. And you are right, it is totally breathable!

    I LOVE your crazy socks!! Crazy socks have always been my thing. I used to collect all kinds of funky pairs, so I love yours.

  2. Your son sounds like a lucky kid. Mine just got off diapers so I'm glad that's over!

    For years I wore only boring socks. I didn't know what I was missing!

  3. Yeah, merino and wool on the whole resembles silk: it is warm in cold weather and cool on warm days - lovely materials both! And it is not just psycothing that corduroy is warmer: it actually holds more air and it is the air that insulates - jeans are very compact denim so they are not so warm!

  4. Terhi, that makes sense. They must trap the warm air and jeans don't. I'm really liking them and will see if I can get another color for the winter :)