Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Good times bad times

It's November but another beautiful day; only a hoodie needed to stay warm. The Michael Kors hoodie has a purple inner lining. Even when zipped the purple shows, which is nice since it's a color I love but don't often get to wear. I Mostly only wear it in socks and ties. The H&M jeans are the Sliq style which is a skinny fit. It's similar to the Drain style but not as skinny in the legs. They are as good as jeans costing 3 times as much. The striped v-neck is from Pac-Sun. I think stripped t-shirts are fun and work well with different outfits. I like when they can be obscured a little with a jacket or sweater.


  1. I love all the purple! I'm trying to buy more purple now too since I've always disliked the color. But now I'm really starting to like it. Love all the different shades in your outfit!

  2. Glad you like it. I think it's possible to be colorful without using too many colors. Purple is a really fun color to wear.