Sunday, December 25, 2011

Scrooge outfit

I like Christmas but here in the US it's far too commercial for my taste. I've been lucky enough to experience it in other countries and all I can say is that we Americans have a lot to learn. I'm happy that holiday shopping is over as well as the mind numbing Christmas music in the stores! Some people call me Scrooge for that last comment because I don't hide my distaste. It's not the music itself but the fact that the stores select tunes that give shoppers a melancholy feeling that is proven to make them spend more money. The hypocrisy of it all just rubs me the wrong way.  Fortunately we will be rocking to something else at my house during Christmas dinner!


  1. cool look! love all the gray tones. i'm actually not too big of a fan of the christmas music either. lol. hope you had a great christmas!

  2. Nice style! Hyped ;) I'm following your blog, and i'll be very happy if you would like follow my blog too ;)

  3. Thanks, I'm a fan of grey and it's in the hat and vest although not that noticeable in the pictures. I listened to gospel music last night until pressured to switch to my dance remix playlist lol :)

  4. love this post!
    i follo u!
    hug from Barcelona

    follow each other?