Sunday, March 18, 2012

Memories of Winter

Not much of a winter to remember this year. Spring is a couple of days away but it feels like it's been here for months. This is what I wore to go to the city today. A mix of previous looks I've posted. I'm still enjoying these cool suede oxfords that I was able to use all winter. I like matching the red shoelaces to my belt. The sawtooth method of lacing makes them pop a little more. It's a simple detail but it works.


  1. I do really like those shoes. I think my favorite part is the rusty color sole. It makes the grey really stand out. I know, I can't believe spring officially starts in a few days. The high has been like 52 here the last few days and by Wednesday we are supposed to be 70! Crazy!

  2. Well it was 78 today. Winter isn't what it used to be!

    I agree about the soles, the contrasting color is nice. I would prefer that the soles be a little thinner but that's just my taste. For the price I think they are very nice shoes and also the most comfortable pair I own which is why I picked them for walking in the city.